Is CBD From Hemp the Same as CBD From Marijuana?

Maybe you were wondering about this question in the past already. And maybe you have read some articles/opinions about it as well. This question has flooded the forums and blogs right after the CBD was found very helpful for some people and various companies started to sell products with CBD.

The answer

So, is CBD extracted from hemp (less than 0,2% THC) the same as CBD extracted from high THC strains (marijuana)? Let’s get back to school in the chemistry class we all loved the most, right? We will try to make is as simple as possible (we are not chemists either). The laws of chemistry and biochemistry remain the same whether the molecule is extracted from hemp or marijuana. Each molecule is made up of the specific arrangement of atoms with a particular bonding pattern. So no matter if you get the molecule from hemp or marijuana, the molecule will remain the same because – chemistry!


From the physiological point of view, neither the body recognizes if the CBD compound was extracted from low THC or high THC strain. All the interactions with enzymes in our bodies and receptors’ reactions to CBD remain the same.

The most important thing regarding CBD products is the growing and production process. We mention it in almost every article, but really do the best you can before you pay for your CBD e-liquid or any other CBD product. Try to investigate what kind of hemp or marijuana is in the product you’re buying, if it was grown organically or not. Ask about the production method and certificates of quality. That’s how you get the best product, no matter if from hemp or marijuana.

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