Can You Vaporise CBD oil?

You heard about it, you are decided to make the big step and become a healthy vaper! Congratulations!You are now looking for what will be right for you and you might be wondering: “Can I vaporise my CBD oil?”

You are now looking for what will be right for you and you might be wondering: “Can I vaporise my CBD oil?”

The question is all over the web and you can’t find a clear and credible answer? Don’t panic, we have it here!

Why would I want to vape CBD Oil?

CBD is usually taken orally as a cannabis-based concentrate or extract. However, compared to smoking or vaporising, ingesting cannabinoids orally poses a number of problematics, including a delayed effect and inconsistent absorption.

Depending on the method of consumption, CBD can take a couple of minutes to a few hours to work properly.Vaping CBD is one of the fastest ways to make it act. You can try it easily and safely with vape starter kit made for beginners like the Kanavape Starter Kit from Harmony.


CBD Oil vs CBD e-liquid

The difference will be the ingredients and the way they will be used.

CBD e-liquids are usually made up of four basic parts: VG, PG, CBD and flavouring.CBD concentration can vary massively in strength, unlike nicotine-based e-liquids,  going from 25mg to 1000mg per bottle. VG stands for Vegetable Glycerine and produces the vapour. The higher the VG content the thicker the clouds! PG is for Propylene Glycol. It provides the “throat it” and flavour. CBD e-liquid can be purchased in a bottle to refill your vaporiser or as a one-time use cartridge for your vape pen.

CBD-Rich oil is obtained via extraction made from cannabis flowers, most of the times from industrial hemp strains rich in CBD. This extract can be mixed with hemp seeds oil, olive oil or other types of oil to facilitate ingestion.

Please note that CBD vape oil and CBD e-liquid are referring to the same CBD juice that can be vaporised in an e-liquid. CBD oil alone is not made to be vape. You can make your own e-liquid by mixing CBD crystals to any kind of base


What determines your choice?

To a large degree, your final choice will depend on personal preference, but for maximum bioavailability of CBD, vaping with CBD e-liquid or CBD crystals are the best options.

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  1. I was thinking of ordering some flavored CBD E-liquid, since it is legal. Can you use same vape equipment for CBD e-liquid as Regular e-liquid? Or do you have to buy those skinny looking tanks for oil? Also, if you can use the same tanks for regular e-liquid, should I change the coil, before and after using the CBD e-liquid?


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