Why vape CBD?

There are many ways how to ingest CBD – sublingual sprays, smoking high CBD strains, ingesting oil, dabbing and our favourite vaping! Each of the methods has different effects, which not everyone knows.  There are solid reasons why we love it the most, so let’s take a look at them.

CBD Bioavailability

Generally said, not the whole amount of CBD you consume will affect your body. Only a fraction of the amount will be able to enter the systemic circulation and effect your body. The percentage received by the body is called “bioavailability”. The bioavailability of CBD depends on the way how you consume it. In case of oral ingestion, it is around 15 %. Logically it means, that from each 100 mg of CBD consumed orally, 15 grams will get into your bloodstream. It is because of 2 reasons.

Firstly, CBD is hydrophobic, which means it is not water-soluble, therefore it doesn’t easily mix with blood. It rather diffuses from the blood and gathers in the fat tissues. It reduces the bioactive CBD which enters the systemic circulation. Secondly, when CBD enters your gut, it has to go through the liver before it circulates. However, the liver will reduce the amount of bioactive CBD – either through absorption or through a chemical breakdown. This phenomenon is called “first-pass” effect.

How to increase the bioavailability?


There are few ways how to do it. The first one is putting CBD into a form which is more hydrophilic/water-soluble. However, achieving this requires demanding chemical equipment such as cyclodextrins or liposomes. Therefore the more practical solution is to vaporize it.

When you vaporize, CBD gets into your lungs and goes to the bloodstream directly. It doesn’t go through gut and liver at all, therefore there is no first-pass effect. In comparison to oral consumption, vaporization allows four times higher amount of CBD to enter the systemic circulation. Moreover, the bioavailability is maximized and is 50-60 %. It means you don’t need so much CBD to consume!

That’s not all! When you vape, the CBD will have a much quicker effect than when you consume it because it doesn’t go through your gut.

One last thing – CBD was found to help people addicted to nicotine. People switched their nicotine bases for the CBD ones. It is extremely beneficial for them because CBD is not toxic in contrary to nicotine. We recommend you to do so as well if you smoke cigarettes or vape nicotine bases.

Now, do you understand why we love CBD vape so much? It has quicker and stronger effect and it is tasty!

Learn more: http://meetharmony.com/2017/01/20/what-is-cbd-vaporisation/

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