Tips to Getting The Correct CBD Dosage

If you are a CBD consumer, the question has already come to your mind: What CBD dosage is good for me?

CBD is coming in different forms and concentrations, you can vaporise it for example or ingest it, with different effects. CBD is non-psychoactive, no toxic and has no side effect and its benefits are coming at various doses. At any time you can easily stop a treatment without side-effects.

Concentrations vary between preparations, ranging from 1 mg per dose to hundreds of milligrammes. This makes it easy for consumers to get the dosages they need in a form they find easy to use.

We aim at presenting you a simple guideline or starting point for your CBD consummation.

Everyone Is Different

The first thing to understand is that everybody will react differently to their CBD dosage. The right dose of CBD varies with the person. Generally speaking, larger individuals may prefer a higher dose of CBD than smaller people. With CBD, you should be patient to meet your personal needs and scale up just a few milligrammes at a time.


Start Small

When beginning CBD, it’s best to start with the smallest dose possible. As serving size or dosage of CBD differs for each person, it is best to start small and gradually increase until you experience the desired result.

As with any new product, it is important to become familiar with how your body responds to CBD before increasing the dose.


Your body will build its tolerance level between 4 and 8 weeks.
After 4 weeks, you should be able to take the double dose to reach the same effects.
After 6-8 weeks you should be adjusted better to your body functions.
Results could be good after just 1-2 weeks, but you could also be with CBD for several years.

The recommendation we have regarding the increase of your CBD dosage is that it should be done every 3-4 weeks by 25mg until you feel it is working.And to decrease amount of CBD with any worsening of symptoms



  1. I’ve been vaping and taking sublingual drops at recommended dosages for 2 weeks now and have not noticed any pain relief or noticeable effects. I’ve tried lowering the dosage, I’ve tried taking double the recommended dosage… it doesn’t seem to make any difference.

    The strange thing is that the very first time I tried the CBD it did seem to reduce my pain, even if only for 30 minutes. Possibly placebo, because it hasn’t worked for me since. I bought Blue Botannical’s “Hemp Complete” high concentrate drops, plus their vaping juice. I feel like I wasted $200.

    Any idea on why this isn’t helping me? The product I purchased is suppose to be one of the best available. I’m beginning to think all of these claim of pain relief are being made by affiliates simply trying to sell their products. Thanks.


    • Hi, I don’t know the brand you posted, but do they provide certification? There are so many frauds in this business. If CBD was working for you before, it should right now as well :(. What brand e-liquid do you vape?


      • Hey Andre. The only brand I’ve tried is Bluebird Botanicals. I purchased their “Hemp Complete” drops and their vaping juice. I highly doubt they are frauds since a few people in forums recommended them and said the products helped with their pain. These people also didn’t use affiliate links, which makes the recommendations a bit more trustworthy in my opinion. Although, there is also the possibility that the company itself pays people to leave good comments about the company in health forums.

        Anyway… it appears that Bluebird uses all of the standard procedures to create a quality product. They are also award winning and have high % of potency. I’m not sure what else to look for. I’m not sure about the certification. I believe they are certified organic.

        And just to be clear… the mention about how I thought the CBD did help with pain the very first time, I was using the same products I’m using now. I’ve read other’s accounts of this happening as well. Possibly placebo? All I know is that I don’t know if I want to drop another $150 or so on a new brand. I feel like I’ve wasted enough money so far. Every brand promising they are the best, so it’s a shot in the dark I guess. Based on your knowledge of CBD, do you think the Bluebird Botanical products are good? I’d love to hear your thoughts.


  2. Hi again. I think they looks like a good company, after what you wrote. I don’t think they’re frauds, if they got some award and people like them. Have you tried to increase the dossage maybe? Because CBD builds up in your body, after a while small dosage isn’t enough. So you should increase.


    • Hey Andre. Because of the very high cost, I haven’t really decided to go much higher than the 15 drop recommendation… though one time I did try 25 drops sublingually, but still didn’t experience any pain relief. I also vape the CBD throughout the day, so that’s adding to my dosage. The vaping seems to do nothing either.

      The bottle of CBD drops I purchased was $150 I think, and contains only a 30 day supply if using the recommended dosage 2x a day. If I double that, then I’m looking at $300 a month! That’s just not affordable. I’ve only been taking these products for about 3 weeks, so I doubt I’ve built up that much of a tolerance yet.

      I dunno. I feel like I’m immune to pain relief. Muscle relaxers and prescription pain meds are the only things that help a little, though they are not optimal because of what they do to the liver, etc. I do appreciate your suggestions. Maybe CBD just isn’t for me.


      • Ok, I understand 😦 I’m sorry for that :/ I don’t really know what to suggest next. Only thing which comes to me is trying cannabis with THC in…


      • Thank you for your suggestions. I really appreciate it. I smoke THC alongside the hemp CBD, though I’m not sure if that’s the same thing as taking both sublingually. I’ve read that hemp based CBD is not as good as MJ based CBD, though there is conflicting info on this. Some say it’s the same thing and same effectiveness. It’s a bit confusing, especially since the suppliers won’t provide any info due to legal reasons.


  3. As far as I know the MJ based and hemp based CBD should be approximately the same, it is what I believe in, however I don’t have any scientific proof of it. I believe hemp based CBD is great and effective.
    True is, that THC smoked has different effect than taken subling. but this doesn’t work for you at all?


    • Good to know. Thank you. Maybe I’ll eventually try a different brand. Yeah, I figured smoking marijuana would offer different effect vs sublingual vs eating vs vaping. I have never tried to make my own MJ drops for sublingual use, though maybe I’ll look into. I’m in NYS so I can’t just go out and buy liquid MJ. Anyway… thanks for your suggestions and advice. I appreciate it.


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