5 Rules to Choose the High-quality CBD E-liquid

If you read the article – why vape CBD – you are probably wondering how to choose the right CBD e-liquid. There are so many CBD e-liquids and CBD infused pens, that it might be confusing to choose the right one. These products didn’t exist 10 years ago, which makes it a big harder to keep up with it. This guide should help you to decide if the one CBD e-liquid you chose is good or not.

The rules around vaping CBD are developing as well and the whole industry is slowly becoming established. It means, that the quality standards are not set by the authority and us, the users of the e-liquids, have to choose the right e-liquid ourselves. How can you distinguish, the high-quality CBD e-liquid from the not so good ones?


The liquid you are looking for should look the same throughout. If there is any separation into layers, it is not a sign of a good e-liquid. As we have mentioned before, CBD refuses to mix with the majority of liquids. It may cause the separation. However, when you make the e-liquid right, this issue should not occur. This is important mainly because when you put the separated e-liquid in your e-cig, you cannot control the amount of CBD you ingest.


Kids' poisoning from e-cigs on the rise

You should be able to see through the high-quality e-liquid. It doesn’t have to be clear as a water, it can be gold as well. But there shouldn’t be any clouds or stains in there.  The liquid shouldn’t be very thick and cloudy either. It should be appealing for you to look at it.

Label claim

There are many frauds in the industry, who take advantage of not very well informed people and lack of the regulations. The most expensive ingredient in the e-liquid is the CBD of course. Be careful, because what they claim doesn’t have to be always true. How can you find out? Ask the producer for test results. In case the producer is serious, they provide the third party laboratory test. It will be claimed there, how much of CBD is in the bottle. If the producer hesitates with sending it to you, or even admit they don’t have it, don’t buy the e-liquid.

Compatibility with your vaporizer

There might occur an issue with CBD e-liquids containing Vegetable Glycerin. In case the e-liquid is not homogenous the oily layer of CBD can separate from the e-liquid and can harm the vaporizer tank. Mainly these with a cotton wick to soak the e-liquid are prone to damage. There are two solutions to this problem. Either you buy vaporizer with a ceramic heating element in the tank or choose fully homogenous e-liquid, which is suitable for any kind of vaporizer. The good producers usually inform the clients about this.

One additional note! Be careful not to confuse vape pens with disposable cartridges with the classic e-liquid bottles. The first ones cannot be used repeatedly, you have to throw away the cartridge. On the other hand, the bottles will last several refills of your e-cig.  Generally said, the kit of vaporizer and e-liquid bottle are usually cheaper than the disposable cartridges with vape pens.

Source of the CBD


The last, but not the least point – inform yourself about the source of the CBD present in the e-liquid. If the producer equivocates about the source, run away! Again, ask for the certification and if it not available, don’t buy the product. You should pay attention mainly to pesticides, solvents, contamination and heavy metals. In countries where THC is not legal to be careful about the THC content. CBD for e-liquids is usually extracted from hemp, therefore the level of THC should meet the laws.

After all, it is your responsibility to choose the right high-quality e-liquid and we think these 5 steps will help you to do so. Another good review to check out this article: https://e-cigreviews.org.uk/best-hemp-cbd-vape-oil/


    • Hi Astrid! I personally LOVE Harmony CBD e-liquids. I have tried the cannabis flavours (no THC!
      – all of them and they are delicious. I think I like the OG the most 🙂 They put terpenes in the liquids, so it is a bit extra, the flavour I mean.
      They also provide the certification of analysis, so I believe they do their job very well. The CBD is from organic hemp grown in Europe, if you wonder 😉


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